St Michael's Church: News page updated at 0730 hours Monday 7th June 2021

 Pew Sheet Page updated Thursday 20th May 2021, at 1800 hours to include our NEWSLETTER.

Changes to the website now reflect that the Church is in a vacancy situation, previously known as an Interregnum.
We have also updated our Baptism Page to reflect our current vacancy situation.

Our services will continue to be streamed live now that we are in Lockdown and at present those who wish to attend in Church can do so, however you must first book, preferably via the EVENTBRITE LINK, details posted on our Facebook page OR with either Hannah or Neil. Bookings can be made from Mondays to 12noon Saturdays. Please continue to stay safe and act responsibly in order that we are able to continue to stop the spread of this virus.

Pew Sheet page, updated 9th August at 2030pm, this includes important links for Risk Assessment for the Art Group who use our Old Vic. building and Risk Assessment for use of our Church during services. There are also links for our Newsletter, our Guide regarding the reopening of Church and our poster, Covid19 Middleton in Action. 

There are two new items on our Pew Sheet  page please click on the links dated 9 August. 

Location; St Michael's Church,Townley Street, Tonge-cum-Alkrington, Middleton M24 1BT.

Correspondence; As a temporary measure please use the above address. 

COVID-19- During the current crisis your Church can help;

Please contact: Neil McClure, 07568 765379 - OR our emergency e-mail address - OR go to Facebook: Middleton in Action Together.

Please click on the following Link for full details regarding our "Church Closure" notice and what we can do.  CHURCH CLOSURE NOTICE.

St Michael's Church Fulfils the Safeguarding Arrangements with regard to Children and Vulnerable Adults. Our Policy Statements are posted on the Church and Old Vic. noticeboards;

Our Safeguarding Officer is Kelly Baxendale -

If you are able to assist with our Action Plan of support to those vulnerable in the community during the COVID-19, Coronavirus Pandemic, please contact the Vicar or Neil our Churchwarden.

A full transcript of our intentions as well as some changes to our young peoples services can be viewed by visiting our Facebook page @stmichaelsmiddleton and there are brief details on the News Page of this website.

Together in God,
growing in faith and love. 
Reaching out to all. 


We're delighted that you've joined us today. We hope you will feel at home with us. We're the parish church for Tonge and Alkrington, which means that this church exists for everyone in the neighbourhood - it's your church.

To underline that fact, our motto includes the phrase 'together in God' - we need each other, and we need you. In our church we have activities which we hope will be of interest to you. We want to improve what we do, so your comments and contributions are valued - it's your church and we hope you will feel that it is. -

Who we are:
St Michael's is the parish church for Tonge and Alkrington and is situated on Townley Street, Middleton M24 1BT.
 Next to the church is the 'Old Vic', a building in which many different groups in the parish meet,  this facility is also available for hire, for enquiries about this please contact Lesley, (07866 936764).

Our parish school is on Boardman Fold Road. The Headteacher is Mrs McKeating (0161 643 8393). 

Our mission statement describes our aim:- Together in God, growing in faith and love. Reaching out to all.

Apart from Sunday services, there are a number of activities and group meetings during the week. Further details of these are given in the Welcome Pack available from the Church.

Learn more about us. 



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