Pew Sheet.

Click below for the pew sheets from the last 4 weeks.

Our new style Pew Sheet will be commencing on 31st March, Mothering Sunday. Please lookout for opportunities to sponsor our Pew Sheet with your own dedication, details of how to do this are on our current Pew Sheets dated 17th & 24th March. 

2019 02 17 Pew Sheet (PDF).

2019 02 24 Pew Sheet (PDF).

2019 03 03 Pew Sheet (PDF). 

2019 03 10 Pew Sheet (PDF).

2019 03 17 Pew Sheet (PDF).

2019 03 24 Pew Sheet (Word Docx).

Xmas Tree Festival.   (Click on the File as a reminder for December 2019.

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