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St Michael's.

Our second 'news' page is "Other Activities" where there is news about All Saints Rhodes as well as other events locally or within the Diocese and there is lots to look forward to in the coming weeks. 


Pew Sheet notices are now available on this website, click on the Tab, PEW SHEET on the Home Page.

Take a look at our new style Pew Sheet, now available  we hope you like it.

4 weeks information will be available to view on this page, the link will include a PDF version of the Pew Sheet, if you are unable to view this version please let me know via the CONTACT US facility on the HOME page of the website.


We are obliged to display the above notice as part of this website, please click on the DATA TAB above to access this statement, other items on this tab page are also legal requirements regarding protection and individuals rights.

Updated 20th May 2019.

MORNING PRAYER is being spoken Monday > Friday at 09.15am, with these sessions usually held at

St Michael's, however please check the Pew Sheet for any venue variations.   

We now have a dedicated page for Baptisms.

You can download a Baptism Application Form via the link on that page of this site.


 The next Session will be held at 5.30pm in the Old Vic. on Sunday,,,,,,,,,,,, TBA

There are also items on 'Other Activities' Page, which have been updated on this date.


The current edition for April is available in Church.


The magazine has been running at a loss for some considerable time now and also we lack an editor who is able to continue to produce the quality publication that we have been used to.

If you think you are able to step up and continue in this important role then please come forward.


The Pastoral Team also requires new members. This is a team of people who take Holy Communion to the sick as well as visiting those who need and appreciate a bit of a chat. If you would like a visit please contact Elaine Morgan, Warden, in Church


The Bible Study Group meets every Tuesday at Enid's house everyone is welcome please see May for more details.

Just as a gentle reminder. The there are so many ways to check out what's happening at St Michael's;

This page of the Church Website.

Our new style Pew Sheet

Or join in at Sunday morning or Wednesday morning services where you can pick up a pew sheet which usually has the latest news.


Why not join this Happy Group who share Worship, Fellowship and a natter over a cuppa at the end of the Service.



Join Dorothy and May for a Prayer and Fellowship Breakfast at 08.30am on Saturday 1st June 2019, 

in the Old Vic.


Schedule for January/July 2019.

It is important that Parents complete the "Consent Form" for their children who will attend Junior Church. You can print a copy of this form from the DATA Tab on this website. Click on the Tab - Data and then click on the Icon for Consent Form.




Is available at both the 8am and 9.30am services. These sessions will be held in the Choir Vestry and all children of pre-school age are welcome. for further information contact Lauren in Church.

 We need additional leaders to supervise and prepare activities for Junior Church sessions. Without additional help we may have to reduce some of the sessions we run. If you are able to help please contact Kelly, our Junior Church leader and Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Officer.

REMINDER - that dates are sometimes subject to change, watch out on this page of the website and also on the Church Facebook page. 

 26th May, School Holidays - No Junior Church.

2nd, 16th, 23rd & 30th June - Junior Church

9th June, Parade - No Junior Church.

7th July, Junior Church - Party prior to School Holidays.


Please be aware that Junior Church dates may be subject to change, please keep up to date with our Facebook page as well as this website.

Occasionally we have to cancel at short notice.


This service is at 5.30pm and continues weekly, except during School Term Breaks and Holidays. 

The next Family Service will be on 26th May at 5.30pm.

A service for the whole family, with worship that is EPIC (Experiential, Particpatory, Image Rich and Connective) This service takes a break during the school holidays, if you attend any of the other services during the school holidays please complete the Attendance Register.


Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a Mothers Union Member to attend meetings.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 5th June, please make every effort to attend.

Following on from this meeting will be our Afternoon Tea to be held in the Old Vic. on Saturday 22nd June,

 2pm to 4pm.

As well as our delicious tea there will be Entertainment and Fun Bingo.

Tickets are now on sale see Yvonne or Tracey. Please add this date to your diary, we look forward to your support at this event.

Please contact Yvonne or any MU member for more information.  

Mothers Union are supporting the theme "IN MARY SUMNERS FOOTSTEPS" this year, you can obtain more information by visiting the Mothers Union website; www.mothersunion.org.

There are some other requests that may interest you or you are able to support:

St Michael's is anxious to provide continuous support to the Middleton Foodbank, there is a box a the 'back' of Church, please help if you can. A donation of a tin or a packet of non-perishable food once a week or once a month would be brilliant.

The  address is; Unit S6b/c, Second Floor, Middleton Shopping Centre, located in the Lighthouse Project Accommodation

The facility is only open - 09.30 > 4.30pm;

 Contact phone number - 0161 643 1163.

Your donations via the Shopping Trolley at the back of Church have been amazing, thank you and this continued support is making a huge difference.

71 Bags of food donated since beginning of January, this continues to be a huge effort and commitment,


On this theme MUSTARD TREE , who are one of St Michael's nominated Charities, have also made an urgent request for donations of food. Any support would be much appreciated. For further details go to;



Graham Barr and Roger Albiston have volunteered to take charge of the Men's Group until a permanent successor  can be found.

The next Group Meeting will be on Friday 7th June - A visit to Middleton Parish Church and Old Graveyard, with Geoff Wellens. Meet at St Leonards, MEET AT 7.30pn, the evening will close with a visit to the Ring O' Bells for supper, at approx. 9.15pm, cost £10.

Please let Graham or Roger know if you are attending by Sunday 2nd June in order that your supper can be ordered.

Friday 27th September -8pm - a talk with John Bray, supper to follow.

Friday 22nd November, Indian Meal at "Zeera", Castleton. Meet at Old Post Office, Bar, Queensway Lights, Castleton at 8pm, meal will follow at 9.15pm, cost to be arranged.

If you wish to be added to our contact list please contact Graham, gcbarr@hotmail.co.uk

and provide your e-mail/phone contact number.


These are the days of electronic banking, cashless societies and 'chequeless' organisations.

So there are many options to chose from if you want to donate to St Michael's.

Gift Aid Envelopes.

On request you can be issued with a box of 52 envelopes, one for each week of the Tax Year, April to March, your envelope will carry a number unique to you. Using this system will enable the Church to claim tax back, currently 25p in every £1. The claiming of Income Tax is very important to the financial survival of the Church, so this is an important way to give.

If you are using the 'Yellow Envelopes' please ensure that you complete the details on the face of the envelope - otherwise we are unable to claim the Gift Aid element of your donation.  

Standing Order.

If you wish to use this method to donate to the Church all you require is the following detail to set this up with your Bank.

Barclays Bank Middleton.

Account Name: St Michael's Tonge PCC Finance Account.

Account Number: 70780502.

Bank Sort Code: 20-64-12

If you require any further advice or help on these matters please contact the Church Treasurer, Mike Brooks.

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