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St Michael's, updated at 0800hours 21st May 22 

Please keep Rev. Jenni and her family in your prayers also Rev. Jane and  continue to pray for both our Churches in this benefice as we move towards a new and exciting chapter in our Mission and Ministry.

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This is a new feature and very informative.


Please wear your face covering and observe the hand sanitizing protocols when attending Church.

Those conditions regarding attendance when feeling unwell and having to isolate having tested positive will continue to apply.


Sunday 22nd May 

8am - Eucharist

0930am Eucharist with St Michaels Band
11am at All Saints Rhodes, Eucharist 
1245pm Holy Baptism

Wednesday  25th May
10am -Eucharist
Sunday 29th May
8am Eucharist
930am Eucharist.
1245pm Holy Baptism.

5.30pm Family Service will be on hold following the service on 3rd April, until a new style service is designed to cater for the needs of this congregation. The new start date after the Easter break will be announced as soon as possible.

We continue welcome any food donations left in Church, these will be transferred to the Middleton Foodbank. 

Keep watching our Facebook page - @stmichaelsmiddleton.


We thank God for all we have become because of those who have loved us and who we have loved but see no longer.  

15th > 21st May;

Enez Jacques, Fanny Burton, Ronald Watson, Ken Crossley, Thomas Donohue, Alice Donohue, 

Michelle Donohue-Savage, Margaret Pickstone, Harold Fursland, Joyce Thomas, David Reynolds. of those injuries

22nd > 28th May;

Emily Walsh, Dorothy Waterhouse, Beatrice Popplestone, Albert Kyme, John Fitton, Antonia Madders, Mary Haigh, John Hutchinson, Fred Cooper, Eveline Turner, Kenneth Kay, George Hampson, Alice Ennis, Florence Gaskell, John Fairest.

We also remember in our Prayers the 22 victims of the Manchester Arena Bombing, 22nd May 2017, their families and also those who were injured and continue to carry the scars of those injuries. 


The cost of purchase/using of weekly "giving"envelopes now exceeds how much we actually receive each week.

PLEASE consider switching your giving to the Church to the Standing Order method.

To do so just inform your Bank that you wish to set up a Standing Order in favour of;

St Michael's Tonge PCC Finance Account.

Account Number 70780502

Sort Code 20-64-12.

MORNING PRAYER is being spoken Monday > Friday at 9am on line;

If you wish to undertake Morning Prayer at home the reading schedule for the week will be published on this page.  Or you can use the Zoom Link to join in live daily, our Facebook page has details how to link into this.


w/c 23rd May;

Monday; Psalm 80; Numbers 16: 1-35; Luke 6: 27-38.

Tuesday; Psalm 89: 1-18; Numbers 16: 36-end; Luke 6: 39-end.

Wednesday;  Psalm 119: 105-128;  Numbers 17: 1-11; Luke 7: 1-10.

Thursday, Ascension Day; Psalm 150; Isaiah 52: 7-end; Hebrews 7: 26-end.  

Friday; Psalm 81;  Numbers 20: 1-13; Luke 7: 11-17.

Saturday; Psalm 47; Numbers 21: 4-9; Luke 7: 18-35.



The Pastoral Team also requires new members. This is a team of people who keep in touch with those affected by the pandemic and who are isolating and those who live alone, although this criteria is not exhaustive. Members of our congregation are telephoned on a regular basis to see if they require any assistance or just welcome a chat in order to keep up to date. This is a rewarding activity and is well received.


Coming up Tuesdays with May in the Old Vic. Prayer Room.

Please contact May or Neil or Rev. Jenni for more information.


 Watch this space.


Meet every Monday at 2pm, currently held in Old Vic.

There are some other requests that may interest you or you are able to support:

St Michael's is anxious to provide continuous support to the Middleton Foodbank. A donation of a tin or a packet of non-perishable food once a week or once a month would be brilliant.

The  address is; Unit S6b/c, Second Floor, Middleton Shopping Centre, located in the Lighthouse Project Accommodation

The facility is only open - 09.30 > 4.30pm;

 Contact phone number - 0161 643 1163.

On this theme MUSTARD TREE , who are one of St Michael's nominated Charities, have also made an urgent request for donations of food. Any support would be much appreciated. For further details go to;


If you are able to offer a cash donation to Mustard Tree in support of the valuable work they perform, please "Gift Aid" your donation.


These are the days of electronic banking, cashless societies and 'chequeless' organisations.

So there are many options to chose from if you want to donate to St Michael's.

Gift Aid Envelopes.

On request you can be issued with a box of 52 envelopes, one for each week of the Tax Year, April to March, your envelope will carry a number unique to you. Using this system will enable the Church to claim tax back, currently 25p in every £1. The claiming of Income Tax is very important to the financial survival of the Church, so this is an important way to give. The cost of these envelopes now exceeds what the Church benefits from the use of these envelopes, PLEASE, consider setting up a standing order via your Bank. see below

If you are using the 'Yellow Envelopes' please ensure that you complete the details on the face of the envelope - otherwise we are unable to claim the Gift Aid element of your donation.  

Contactless Payments: We now have the facility for you to make "card payments" using our new card reader. This is a secure and confidential method of donating/making a payment to St Michael's. Please see the current weekly Pew Sheet, 16/6, which is also available through the Pew Sheet Tab on this website, or speak to Neil our Churchwarden. 

Standing Order.

If you wish to use this method to donate to the Church all you require is the following detail to set this up with your Bank.

Barclays Bank Middleton.

Account Name: St Michael's Tonge PCC Finance Account.

Account Number: 70780502.

Bank Sort Code: 20-64-12

If you require any further advice or help on these matters please contact the Church Treasurer, Joe Powell .

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