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Calendar 2021.

WE NEED YOUR PHOTO'S FOR OUR 2021 CALENDAR, please contact Peter, pd21up@aol.com

Please email me with digital images,(Jpeg)

We have an idea to produce a calendar for 2021 based on the theme of "HOPE", this will require pictures/photo's taken and submitted by members of our congregation to form each month of the year. We are also looking for a sponsor for each month and we will apply a scripture passage for each month. The overall idea is to raise some much needed funds for our Church. Watch out here and on our Social Media platforms for further details, we are hoping to collect picture/photographic entries by mid September in order to match printing and distribution criteria. At present we are trying to produce a calendar that will retail at £6 per copy.

Any thoughts/contributions or requests to be a sponsor to me please via the " Contact Us" tab on this website.

We aim to have submissions, i.e. Photo's and sponsorships in by 4th October, please contact Peter by e-mail or via the Contact Us tab on the Home page of this website.

 Your Church will open for Services on Sundays as follows;

Please note you must wear a Face Covering when attending for services, children under the age of 11 years and those others with breathing difficulties will be exempt. See the Church of England website updated 7th August for full details.

A 930am Service at St Michael's, this service will also be streamed live via our Facebook platform.

An 11am Service at All Saints.

 Wednesday Services will recommence on 30th September 2pm start, being mindful that........    

You must book your place to attend services, number of attendees is strictly limited in order to comply with Government Guidelines and our Risk Assessment.

Bookings can be made, please contact either;

Hannah McMahon - 07958 369571 or Neil McClure - 07568 765379.

Please click on the attached links:


Worship in our Church - Rules and Changes

Service Sheet after the Pandemic

Letter 4 July 2020

The above files are extremely important  and as there will not be any service sheets available in Church you are advised to print your own copy to bring with you. Some may have received these through the post.

 Our aim is clearly to maintain safe social distancing, excellent Hygiene and protect the NHS and Save Lives. 

Please do not attend if you have signs of any of the symptoms attributable to Covid-19 or you are still in the Group of those who still required to self isolate and are considered vulnerable and are still "locked down" until the end of July, please note that this timeline could be extended due to the emergency arrangements affecting Gtr Manchester. 


Above All Please continue to Stay Safe.



This group continues to provide amazing support to those vulnerable and in need. Check out their Facebook Page.

You can also click on the following link to read a message from our Vicar, Rev'd Jackie.


If you use the Morning Prayer Readings the references for the week ahead, Monday 28th September  > Saturday 3rd October, they can be seen by scrolling down on this page.


We thank God for all we have become because of those who have loved us and who we have loved but see no longer. 

15th > 21st September:

Bessie Hilda Berry, Sarah Collinge, Bill Armstrong, Jenny Fisher, Gail Porter, Marjorie Hey, Elizabeth Latham. 22nd > 28th September:

Harry Cook, Claire Wrigley, Cyril Ennis, John Waugh, Mary Greenhalgh, Charles Maddock, Annie Holbrook, Nicola Ashworth.

29thSeptember> 5th October;

Leonard Boyd, Edward Waterhouse, Ernest Sheridan, Christine Hardy, Herbert Knowell. 


(Dates will now be out of sync. as I don't have access to Church to check the BofR).


The Scout Hut will be open, Mon > Fri 6pm > 7pm and also Sunday 11am > 12noon, for donations of food for the needy, however PLEASE NOTE that from October this facility will only be open as follows:

Tuesday and Thursday - 6pm > 7pm

Sunday - 11am > Noon.

Your support during these last months has been amazing we hope you are able to continue during these revised opening times from October  

 if you are able to donate food for those isolated and in urgent need of help. Any items, non perishable that you can spare would be appreciated. Please observe the Safe Distancing criteria if you can come along.

 Keep watching our FACEBOOK Page -@stmichaelsmiddleton


During these difficult times you may wish to consider switching your giving to the Church to the Standing Order method.

To do so just inform your Bank that you wish to set up a Standing Order in favour of;

St Michael's Tonge PCC Finance Account.

Account Number 70780502

Sort Code 20-64-12.

Once your SO is set up please inform our Gift Aid Officer, Gwen, that you have done so.

You can obtain a form via this website by completing the "Contact Us" section at the beginning of this website.

Our latest update contains info' regarding Coronavirus Symptoms, as issued by Boots Chemist and there is also a generous offer from No.1Diamond Cars with regard to collection and delivery of prescriptions also shopping/essential items for those self isolating. There is a dedicated phone number for these services - 07342671786.

 Safe Contact number for whole of Middleton to take ALL requests for help - Neil 07568 765379 available

10am > 9pm.

Strict observation of Ground Rules - Hygiene protocol to keep everyone who is involved and those receiving parcels and prescriptions safe. Also including Children who will be delivering cards.

Hygiene Protocol is 72 hour rule, Safe Space Rule, hand washing, no entering of homes and no exchange of money.


Keep pace with further updates especially those on our Facebook page @stmichaelsmiddleton 

PEW SHEET WILL NOT BE PRINTED FOR THE TIME BEING, however we do have a newsletter which you can view by clicking on the LINK on our Pew Sheet page, there will be a further edition available soon.


We are obliged to display the above notice as part of this website, please click on the DATA TAB above to access this statement, other items on this tab page are also legal requirements regarding protection and individuals rights you can also apply to be included in the Electoral Roll by choosing the appropriate link on the Data Tab.

MORNING PRAYER is being spoken Monday > Friday at 09.15am

If you wish to undertake Morning Prayer at home the reading schedule for the week will be published on this page.  Or you can use the Zoom Link to join in live daily, our Facebook page has details how to link into this.


Monday; Psalm 44; 1 Kings 12: 25-13.10; Acts 19: 8-20.

Tuesday (Michael & All Angels); Psalm 34; Tobit 12: 6-end OR Daniel 12:1-4; Acts 12: 1-11.

Wednesday; Psalm 119:57-80; 1 Kings 17; Acts 20: 1-16.

Thursday; Psalm 57; 1 Kings 18: 1-20; Acts 20: 17-end.

Friday;  Psalm 51; 1 Kings 18:  21-end; Acts 21: 1-16.

Saturday; Psalm 68; 1 Kings 19; Acts 21: 17-36. 


We now have a dedicated page for Baptisms.

You can download a Baptism Application Form via the link on that page of this site.


The Pastoral Team also requires new members. This is a team of people who take Holy Communion to the sick as well as visiting those who need and appreciate a bit of a chat. If you would like a visit please contact one of our Pastoral Team or Rev'd Jackie or contact us via this website.


The group meetings are USUALLY held at Marjorie's home,1.30pm, Tuesday afternoons,however sessions have begun using the "Zoom" app via you mobile device.   

Please contact May for more information.

Just as a gentle reminder. The there are so many ways to check out what's happening at St Michael's;

This page of the Church Website.


It is important that Parents complete the "Consent Form" for their children who will attend Junior Church. You can print a copy of this form from the DATA Tab on this website. Click on the Tab - Data and then click on the Icon for Consent Form.(updated form applied 01-09-19)




Is normally available at both the 8am and 9.30am services. These sessions will be held in the Choir Vestry and all children of pre-school age are welcome. for further information contact Lauren in Church.We do need volunteers to help with the Infant Church sessions, are you able to commit to one Sunday at 8am in particular just once each month.

 We need additional leaders to supervise and prepare activities for Junior Church sessions. Without additional help we may have to reduce some of the sessions we run. If you are able to help please contact Kelly, our Junior Church leader and Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Officer.

 Junior Church could resume with Registration, please watch this space for updates.


A service for the whole family, with worship that is EPIC (Experiential, Particpatory, Image Rich and Connective) This service takes a break during the school holidays, if you attend any of the other services during the school holidays please complete the Attendance Register.

There are some other requests that may interest you or you are able to support:

St Michael's is anxious to provide continuous support to the Middleton Foodbank, however please refer to item 2 at the top of this page  A donation of a tin or a packet of non-perishable food once a week or once a month would be brilliant.

The  address is; Unit S6b/c, Second Floor, Middleton Shopping Centre, located in the Lighthouse Project Accommodation

The facility is only open - 09.30 > 4.30pm;

 Contact phone number - 0161 643 1163.

On this theme MUSTARD TREE , who are one of St Michael's nominated Charities, have also made an urgent request for donations of food. Any support would be much appreciated. For further details go to;


If you are able to offer a cash donation to Mustard Tree in support of the valuable work they perform, please "Gift Aid" your donation.


These are the days of electronic banking, cashless societies and 'chequeless' organisations.

So there are many options to chose from if you want to donate to St Michael's.

Gift Aid Envelopes.

On request you can be issued with a box of 52 envelopes, one for each week of the Tax Year, April to March, your envelope will carry a number unique to you. Using this system will enable the Church to claim tax back, currently 25p in every £1. The claiming of Income Tax is very important to the financial survival of the Church, so this is an important way to give.

If you are using the 'Yellow Envelopes' please ensure that you complete the details on the face of the envelope - otherwise we are unable to claim the Gift Aid element of your donation.  

Contactless Payments: We now have the facility for you to make "card payments" using our new card reader. This is a secure and confidential method of donating/making a payment to St Michael's. Please see the current weekly Pew Sheet, 16/6, which is also available through the Pew Sheet Tab on this website, or speak to Neil our Churchwarden. 

Standing Order.

If you wish to use this method to donate to the Church all you require is the following detail to set this up with your Bank.

Barclays Bank Middleton.

Account Name: St Michael's Tonge PCC Finance Account.

Account Number: 70780502.

Bank Sort Code: 20-64-12

If you require any further advice or help on these matters please contact the Church Treasurer, Mike Brooks.

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